Prelim results 12 Hours of Exposure.xls

Prelim results 24 Hours of Exposure.xls

N.B. The 24 hour results were corrupted and individual lap times afer 14 hours were lost. Overall positions and final number of laps/time have been confirmed.

2013 – 24 Hour European Open WomenLapsTime
1st Iwona Szmyd (POL) – Saddle Skedaddle Holidays2423:07:01
2nd Rachel Sokal (GB) – Cotic/AQR Holidays2322:58:21
3rd Kathy Beresford (GB) – Mountain Trax2122:30:42
4th Kim Anscombe (GB) – Team Cycleaid1314:36:58
2013 – 24 Hour European Open MenLapsTime
1st Craig Bowles (GB)3022:50:16
2nd Michael McCutcheon (IRE) – The Bike Rack/Avanti2823:01:14
3rd Martin Smith (SCO) – Cotic/AQR Holidays2823:15:14
4th Jason Robinson (GB) – Four4th Lights2623:05:30
5th Rob Bradley (ENG) – Sherwood Pines Cycles/SRAM2522:53:40
2013 – 24 Hour European Veteran MenLapsTime
1st Rodolfo Dias (POR) – Yakima MTB Team2722:05:47
2nd Keith Forsyth (GB) – i-Cycles2621:41:54
3rd Mark Wellsted (GB) – AmisVelo RT-Solo Scaffolding2523:39:13
4th Julian Green (GB) – Lulaby Trust2223:05:00
5th Pedro Maia (POR) – Maia Fitness MTB Team2123:19:04
2013 – 24 Hour UK Veteran MenLapsTime
1st Keith Forsyth (GB) – i-Cycles2621:41:54
2nd Mark Wellsted (GB) – AmisVelo RT-Solo Scaffolding2523:39:13
3rd Julian Green (GB) – Lulaby Trust2223:05:00
2013 – 24 Hour Veteran 50+ MenLapsTime
1st Pedro Maia (POR) – Maia Fitness MTB Team2123:19:04
2nd John Pitchers (GB) – The Bike Livery1923:19:04

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