The Juice Lubes Race Prep Guide


  1. Give your weapon of choice the once or twice over looking for things that wouldn't break in a million years of normal thrashing about but that you can guarantee will go wrong on race day. A very important and slightly less obvious to spot problem area is your chain, front rings and cassette. A worn chain, hooks and burs on the rings/cassette will mean chain suck, poor shifting, massive irritation and at worst the end of your race as it's not a quick trailside fix. Check hubs, bottom bracket and headset for anything undesirable - they should all be smoothly free moving. If you find something that's looking a bit tasty, then play safe and replace it or take advice from a higher being aka the bike shop mechanic. Then go for a spin to make sure that the new part is working fine and hopefully don't find something else that isn't.
  2. Bath time! Degrease your chain, cassette and mechs thoroughly. Funnily enough Juice Lubes make an awesome product for this job called Dirt Juice Super Gnarl! We all know how irritating gears are that don't work properly and reducing the amount of crap in the system helps a lot to keep the shifting smooth and the longevity of parts, er, longer.
  3. Clean the rest of your beast now. Get the Dirt Juice Less Gnarl involved for the frame, bars, cranks etc.
  4. Pre-ride lubing is vital for top performance. Bring out the Fork Juice for fork stanchions and rear shocks - spray on, cycle the unit 10-20 times to draw out muck from the seals and then wipe this off. Re-apply and pump again to enjoy the now stiction free, buttery smoothness of your suspension!
  5. If you know what you are doing check the oil levels in the damping circuit and lube bath and replace or top up as appropriate with some top quality suspension oils. If you don't know what you are doing then probably best to leave this to the aforementioned oracle. Sometimes experimenting with different weights of oil can make a huge improvement to suspension performance - different oil weights move through the damping circuits at different speeds which can massively alter your experience in the saddle. A 70kg rider puts different demands on his suspension to a 90kg rider but it's extremely likely that they have the same standard weight oils in their forks. Juice Lubes do a really good range of fully blendable suspension oils in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15 and 20wt.
  6. To prove Fork Juice is no one-trick-pony spray it over the frame (try and avoid the brakes - lubrication here is not preferable) to leave a super slippery sheen that looks spot on, makes it harder for mud (unwanted extra weight) to stick to and easier to clean afterwards. Winner!
  7. Grease up your pivot points, headset and any other appropriate bearings with our imaginatively named Bearing Juice.
  8. Check the weather to see exactly what level of precipitation you are going to be faced with on race day. For a typical summer day then you will need the wet lube - Chain Juice Wet is the one to go for. Apply it to chain and wipe off any excess. Then add a bit to cables, pivot points and springs as well. Should the conditions be more clement as in not pissing down then you should go with a lighter, more technical lube. Miraculously, Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice is a perfect option in this situation. Apply as before. Little tip here - the cleaner the chain to start with, the better the lubes can do their job.
  9. It might seem bleeding obvious but brakes that work are a pretty useful thing to have at anytime, so give them a bleed (yes we do supply a Dot 5.1 and Mineral Brake Oil) to get top performance again. Always worth checking the pads too but alas Juice Lubes don't supply these…Yet.
  10. Finally, blast your calipers and rotors with Brake Juice to get rid of trail muck, the remnants of over enthusiastic lubing and any other friction reducing contamination. It's amazing what a blast of this does for breaking performance, truly life changing.

Jobs a good'un and you are now ready to win!

The Main Event

All that good work put in earlier should now be paying off handsomely. Your happy bike should be taking a good beating without putting up a fuss thanks to taking some time to do the boring stuff beforehand. If the race is a short one then it's really a case of hit and hope - be as well prepared as possible and go hard!

On the flip side, if the race is of the extended sort, (this one falls into that category, ed) then regular maintenance could be the key to success, so after you finish a lap/session follow these pointers:

  1. Don't let little niggles develop into big ugly ones. Deal with them if you can.
  2. Keep that drive train clean and oiled.
  3. For forks sake get Fork Juice all over your forks. And rear shock.
  4. Brake Juice on your brakes. Remember it's life changing stuff.

Or just chuck the bike at your "technician" while you go for a sandwich/sleep/whinge/dump/beer or all 5.

Post Ride Etiquette

If you finished first then well done, you are a King amongst men! It was most likely down to your spectacularly stringent following of this guide and nothing to do with impressive athleticism, training, dedication and bike skills. Clearly, if you didn't finish first then it was because you didn't follow this guide and nothing to do with alcohol, bacon sangers, and a lack of enthusiasm at 4 in the morning. Anyway after you have basked in glory or wallowed in misery its time to get it over and done with while it's still wet and easy to do:


The minimum you should be doing is repeating steps 2,3,4,8 and 10 - it's a chore but you will thank us in the morning.

Hopefully this made you snigger a bit and goes some way to helping you have an enjoyable and fulfilling race.

Good luck, stay lubed and drop in to the tent to say hi and try some free product, we will be there to help as much as we can.

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