2010 UK 24 Hour Solo Champions

24 Hours of Exposure Full Results 2010 (xls)

2010 Open Women Podium
2010 - Open WomenLapsTime
1st Rickie Cotter (WXC)1621:45:20
2nd Nicola MacLeod (adidas TERREX)1422:15:48
3rd Jane Chadwick (Chevin Cycles)1423:42:04
4th Nicola Duggan (WXC)1322:55:40
5th Amy Baron-Hall (Cookson Cycles)1323:45:56
2010 Open Men Podium
2010 - Open MenLapsTime
1st Matt Page (Wiggle/Focus)2223:21:00
2nd Ant White (Exposure/Skins/KCNC)2122:51:12
3rd Josh Ibbett (Syncros Endurance)2123:03:25
4th Rich Rothwell (Enigma/Exposure)2123:55:02
5th James Leavesley (Genesisbikes.co.uk)1923:01:07
2010 Veteran Women Podium
2010 - Veteran WomenLapsTime
1st Sally Daw (Team Sludge Racing)1422:38:45
2nd Anne Dickins (Petra Cycles)1122:41:57
2010 Veteran Men Podium
2010 - Veteran MenLapsTime
1st Keith Forsyth (Innerleithen MTB Racing/iCycles)1923:09:50
2nd Ifor Powell (Severn Road Club)1923:29:26
3rd John Fettis (Team Corley Cycles)1822:32:26
4th Rory Hitchens (USE-Exposure)1523:14:07
5th Ski Sharp1823:05:34
2010 Singlespeed champion
2010 - Singlespeed ChampionLapsTime
1st Jon Hobson (Chevin Cycles/Bang & Olufsen)1623:18:30
2nd Julian Green (yogaga.co.uk)1422:48:59
3rd Nik Pullen (marjislarge)1422:49:11
2010 Top Rookie Male
2010 - Top Placed Rookie MaleLapsTime
1st John Fettis (Team Corley Cycles)1822:32:36

The preview video made in 2010 for the first event.

www.24hoursolo.co.uk from ResetFilms.co.uk on Vimeo.

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